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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
Hence I hold out zero hope of getting a ticket for Spurs-Arsenal despite living 2 miles from the stadium but I know I can be at Steelers-Packers at Heinz Field if I want to be. I go online here in the UK, buy my ticket - in the exact seat and block I choose, print it at home and I have complete comfort that the seller's original ticket has been cancelled and my ticket will work at the turnstile, without needing to go near a grubby tout or anything. I would not support a motion to ban this.
My only real criticism of the NFL with regard to the ticketing of the London games is the lack of an official resale system or marketplace.

For over 10 years season ticket holders of most Premier League teams have been able to resell their seats if they can't make a game through the club. The game is deactivated on the season ticket card and a paper ticket usually issued for collection at the ticket office. To take your Tottenham example, even though there is a deal with Stubhub there is a maximum price that people can sell for.

For one-off events with paper tickets it is a bit harder, but the Olympics and Rugby World Cup both offered a system that worked.

What is clear is that there are a large number of tickets changing hands for the London games after being issued by Ticketmaster, and there is no way that the NFL can track what is happening to these tickets.

If there was an exclusive marketplace (fixed price or seller's choice) both the NFL and fans would benefit.
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