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Originally Posted by HSTDriver View Post
F1 and it's 'most technologically advanced motorsport' ethos is incompatible with entertaining racing.

You can have entertainment, or you can have massive technological advancement - but you can't have both.

Limit horsepower (but allow teams to use differing methods of reaching that limit - turbos, hybrids, whatever), reduce aero-effect, increase mechanical grip, do away with refuelling and tyre changes, and give them tyres that will only just survive a race distance.

If that makes the cars less advanced then so be it. NASCAR is essentially 30 year old technology (with a few safety exceptions) and it's far more entertaining throughout the race distance than F1 is.
I think F1 has grasped that, which is why each new set of rules is another attempt at dumbing down -- and massive technological advancement is off the table. Keeping the audience coming back is much more important now.
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