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Originally Posted by Pedal Bin View Post
I would've!

I saw plenty of the Baron in the PR shots smiling at the front, better than me I just look miserable in photos!

I was running around like a dog with two tails when the Jags arrived. I was about three or four rows from the stage, saw the players were heading to the back of Trafalgar Sq so tried to get there, whilst desperately trying not to just shove peole out the way!

Then when I realised I couldn't get near them and saw Gus, Shadid and the others on the stage I reversed direction and still got nowhere near the front.
Better than me!

A friend of ours moved to London a while back and as we had not seen him for ages he popped into the centre to meet us. He suggested going for a drink at the pub over the road so we thought ok, we've just seen Fred Taylor and there will be a break for a little bit. We came back about 45 minutes later to find we had missed the whole team! GUTTED

Wont happen next time (if there ever is another time)!
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