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Totally agree about the age concern. I think it comes with extra problems - look at the "wide receiver solution" this year of grabbing two older guys when what we needed was a younger version of Stallworth.

I am hoping Sergio Kindle will be ready to play next year, if so he can be an extra linebacker draft. I think the biggest problem is at wide receiver - we need a young guy who can grow with Flacco now that he is starting to mature and that can make big plays. As for corners, Wilson, Carr and Webb are not bad players,and they are still young - I wonder if they are the victim of a defensive system that is built so much around the defensive line and linebackers (however little the playcalling seems to suggest).

If we have a lockout next year, just think, some of these older guys might never come back (Mason keeps retiring on me as it is at the end of the 2010 season on Madden 11!)
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