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Has anyone done much work on prospects? I've just started looking in depth at the QBs and it's a bit desperate so far.

Looked at Hackenberg, Cook, and Jones.

Hackenberg was very unimpressive. Only really had success with screens/dump offs. Poor mechanics, very inaccurate deep ball, holds onto it way too long. Physically he is what you want, everything else, no way could I see him cutting it at the next level unless there is a huge leap. Reminds me of Matt Stafford, without any talent.

Cook I quite like, but watching back in more detail than just game watching, I was a bit underwhelmed. Given time, he looks really good. Accurate, great touch at all levels, nice velocity. Problem comes when under pressure, he falls apart. Footwork is abysmal, throws off balance, falling backwards, and will throw to guys with defenders hanging all over him. Really needs to work on his composure and decision making under pressure.

Jones is an interesting one. The guy is a beast, physically he wows you, and when he gets going his speed and power are great to watch. He has a very big arm, and given time can make throws at all levels. Like Cook, will throw off balance, falling over, big no no in the NFL. I found he was far too quick to scrambling backwards and away from the pocket. The biggest cause for concern is the offense he runs. It's pretty dumbed down, and option, quick read plays. Id be intrigued by him, simply far the raw speed, power, and arm talent he has, but you want to see him make progress this year. He can't do that if doesn't even play, so it could be a concern for some.
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