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Originally Posted by b182dammit View Post
Has anyone done much work on prospects? I've just started looking in depth at the QBs and it's a bit desperate so far.
Take a look at Jared Goff at Cal.

Big guy who has shown real poise in the pocket when allowed to play a few pro-style snaps. B+ arm. Accuracy on short and medium routs very good. More difficult to judge longer than 20 yards due to the lack of talent around him.

Feet could do with quite a lot of work and tends to look quite awkward when throwing on the run. May well be the guy who rushes to the top this year.

Hackenberg doesn't convince me at this point but I need to watch him more. Connor Cook I like a lot. He is a player who needs to develop into his body though so I feel this year will be very revealing. Who knows with Jones. There just isn't enough tape.
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