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I know the thing about Gruden not liking flying is true, because I saw that interview where he was waffling on about Belarus too. But I don't get it. I mean, he's a football coach! He flies all the time. I'd understand it if he were like John Madden and refused to fly at all. But Gruden gets on planes for games all the time.

Take this year. The Raiders flew to Miami (5hrs 25), Baltimore (5 hours), Cincinnati (4hrs 30), Kansas City (3hrs 35). Some years there will be more east coast trips than that too. These are pretty long flights. If Gruden couldn't handle this he would not have taken the job. Are we saying he can manage 5 hours, but not 8? As I've said elsewhere on the forum, if the Raiders were based in London next year they would only have 1 trip to the west coast (Chargers), which could come before/after other road games to break up the journey. I doubt they would hold training camp here, maybe not play preseason games here either. In fact you could even have 4 consecutive home games - it would not be the first time, as Tennessee did this in 2015.
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