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I was mentioning it, tongue firmly in cheek.

In all seriousness, if you put aside their divisional games, the Buccs remaining home games are: Cardinals, 49ers, Texans, Colts, Giants.

Either of the Cardinals or 49ers could play an international game in Mexico @ LA Rams. Other LA home games: Seahawks, Saints, Buccs, Ravens, Bengals, Bears.
I dont think the Rams would be overly fussed losing homefield advantageto either of those teams in their current states, or either of those two teams raising their own concerns about travel etc. if the game is in Mexico.
I could see Saints or Bears game being chosen to "make up" for the moved game this year though not the Seahawks. The other 3 would be unfashionable i guess.

Both the Texans and Colts not only play the Jags away but the Chargers too (3/8 chance of playing an international game) and i see either of those teams playing either the Jags or the Chargers as a better match-up than vs the Buccs.

Ergo you can make a reasonable case for the Giants.

If its a Buccs divisional game then id take a punt and say its vs the Panthers, who have never been over and have big enough names with Newton and McCaffrey.
Saints were over in 2017 so unlikely to be back so soon.
Falcons were over in 2014 but, Ryan and Jones aside, are perhaps less of a "draw" for a crowd?

Would like it to be Giants but id definitely put Panthers ahead and as the "favourite"
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