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Because of the rule requiring a team to host an international game within five years of being awarded a Super Bowl, Atlanta are due to play one very soon. So that may rule them out of being picked as a road team.

They were awarded SB LIII in spring 2016. Assuming that season did not count, as it was too late to schedule one, that means it needs to be played between 2017 and 2021.

According to Alistair Kirkwood, home teams can veto divisional games and protect one other. I would have expected the Giants would be the game Tampa Bay would protect, as with all their attendance problems the transplanted population means they should still be able to sell that one out.

To me the Bucs seem to offer a good opportunity to bring Houston to the U.K. The Jaguars are able to veto them as a divisional opponent, and I would be shocked if the league do not do everything they can to use the Chargers game to haver Green Bay play here. They will never have a better opportunity to do so.

As seen by some of the past offerings, quality of matchup does not matter that much to the league whilst they know the games will sell out anyway. And the possibility of a team making their first visit to the U.K. makes a game marketable in its own right.

I would not rule out the Giants, but I would think the league would go after the Texans even if it were not protected.
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