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Default Re:........Dallas Cowboys thread

Julius Jones, if he stays healthy, is going to be a legend ;D !

If the rumours are true, and Dallas are switching to a 3-4 next year, most of the focus is going to be on re-vamping the 'D', especially if Coakley & Nguyen are on the way out and following Woodie's retirement.

So I think we are stuck with Vinny for another year, IMO we should look elsewhere because we aint gonna win with him, but I can't see next year as anything more than a re-building year. They will see how Henson stacks up, and if he doesn't cut-it, they will look at QB next off-season.

The problem with Vinny is that he doesn't have the arm anymore to throw the deep ball, and he's not as accurate as he was.

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