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Default Re:........Dallas Cowboys thread

i have an intrest in the cowboys, so im gonna post in here with my opinion on it all

Looking at the Depth Chart for the Cowboys i dont see how you can change to a 3 - 4 all of a sudden especialy if Nygen and Coakley are on their way out. short of those two your remaining LB's are as follows.

Bradie James 6'2 245lbs
Keith O'Neil 6'0 230lbs
Ryan Fowler
Scott Shanle 6'2 237lbs
Alshermond Singleton 6'2 236lbs

and Al is no spring chicken either. so that would leave you guys with a lot of unknowns having to step up and play. Then you look at the D Line Itself. Glover is too small to play NT and the other guys Carson & Claybrooks are nothing to be scared of at DT and are also a bit undersized to be NT's. you also need to replace Woodson unless you go with Frazier, i hear he has gotten better throughout last season, but again he is no star. It would pretty much leave your team with Newman / Roy Williams / Pete Hunter / Ellis as guys that you could rely on. and Ellis is getting on in age aswell.

Then when you look at offense. Flozell went backwards this year compared to his previous year. the right side of the O-Line is weak. Vinny shouldnt be playing anymore and you could do with another Decent WR for deep threats. Julius Jones is going to be a star if he stays healthy, when i watched him play NY in giants stadium the kid has soo many moves its scary, so damn quick aswell, and Witten is looking great at TE. but this coming season he is going to have to prove himself as opposition teams will no doubt be paying more attention to him.

I feel for the Cowboys. in area's that they have guys playing well, those guys are getting on somewhat in their careers. im really looking forward to see what they do in the Draft.

But after saying all of that, i have witnessed how a Franchise can be changed dramaticaly overnight in Cincy with Marvin coming in and making vast personnel changes. so it can be done in a relatively short amount of time.

Hopefuly the Cowboys get things in order and Big Bill gets you guys back to winning the NFC East

i apologise for any spelling mistakes, im terrible at spelling.
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