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I don't think we'll be letting Nguyen or Coakley go. Al Singleton will be replaced by James at SLB I think. Willie Blade will play the 1 tech DT and Carson will be gone. If we get Derrick Johnson (ehich we probably won't), Nguyen and/or Coakley might be gone, with James playing in the middle and Johnson at WLB. We will probably get a vet CB and a right tackle or guard would be fine. Flo Adams will be back on his game next year, LA will be great as usual and Al Johnson was good in his 'rookie' year. I'm sure we don't need a receiver. People saying 'Glenn is getting old' etc gets me pissed off. He's a year younger than TO, and two younger than Marvin Haririson so go and tell Eagles and Colts they need receivers as well. Our passing game took a nose dive when he was injured last year.

And we ain't a bunch of dinosaurs, Bengalboy. You worry about your own team because you've got problems as well.

Sorry, but I just hate other fans criticizing my team
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