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Default Re:........Dallas Cowboys thread

[quote author=Crackity-Jones link=board=1;threadid=7996;start=15#msg165445 date=1107210228]
BengalBoy does raise some good points though. For a start, Al Singleton redefines the term 'anonymous' - can you remember a single play that guy made this year? Get rid of him for sure. Thing is, I can see Coakley going - he isnt big, hes getting older, but more to the point his cap hit is gonna be huge this year (am I right in saying $6m?). You dont pay that kind of money for an aging LB, no matter how good he has been in the past.

I wish James could just slot in (for either Coak or Singleton) but I'm not sure hes the answer either - he had his chances this year and, again (like Singleton), I cant remember him doing anything.

From that front 7, the only people I can definitley see returning are Ellis and Nguyen. Even Glover may be traded if we do go 3-4 (and I would absolutely HATE to see him go). This is why I want 100% defence drafting on the first day; we have far too many questions there to ignore.

As for Vinny, yes his stats are okay (especialy the yardage). I'll even let him off with all those ints he threw. My problem is HOW and WHEN he threw the Ints; throwing into double-coverage, right when we needed a steady head. I havent seen a breakdown, but I'll bet at least 66% of those Ints were within the closing stages of each half. We bought him in to be a steady influence, yet it turned out HE was the one who needed steadying. At least if you play a rookie, you expect rookie mistakes. NOT from a guy whos been in the league 20 years! >

some real good points, as ive stated to Ghod. i will take all your words on those lesser known LB's / DT's etc as i dont see as much of them as you guys probably do. i dont see why Ngyen would be kicked out. in the 03 / 04 season he was a big part of making the dallas D no.1 and he isnt as old as Coakley and Singleton. Personaly i say stick with the 4 - 3 get Pete Hunter back fit and possibly hope Frazier can continue to develop. and then Look to Draft a LB ( hopefuly Derrick Johnson ) and put him in the lineup and get rid of Singleton. and then Draft / FA a DE to replace Wiley, because in all honesty he has been a HUGE let down and again he is 31 i believe so that aint a good age for a DE although there are exceptions to the rule ( Strahan ).

Offensively, if you can replace Vinny with someone who is either going to make more solid decisions or someone who is a rookie, but aswell as making mistakes ( which they will ) make big plays to counter the growing pains.
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