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Should never have been that close, when I finally came down from the elation of winning and how we won, I was actually pretty annoyed at what we did.

Not sure why the pass play was called on first and goal on the 2 which resulted in the batted up interception. We had run through them the whole drive. Just punch the damn thing over!

For me Cutler should have taken the sack and protected the ball when chased down by Allen. Looked like he tried to toss it away at the last minute and it got knocked out. His other pick was horrible.

Having said that Cutler was at his best again at the death. Martellus Bennett too..what a signing he is proving to be.

Pass rush....pass what?? Peppers was anonymous again.

We will have much tougher games than that going forward so need to learn from the mistakes. Steelers next on SNF...can't wait!
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