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Originally Posted by SteButt View Post
Happy to sell through official channels but these links don't seem to help for international games.

Can anyone help?
Use Gumtree. I'm someone who generally never gets the tickets when they are first released and they always sell out. I tried to use one of these online ticket resellers last year and it was an awful experience. Huge service fees on top of expensive tickets. As it turned out they let me down last minute and I got a full refund.

Since 2011 I've always bought the tickets from Gumtree and have never had an issue. You can sell them for free and I can buy them for free. It's a win/win for everyone.

This year I bought them last week from Ticketmaster, I guess they were the tickets that were sent back from the Teams. Picked up tickets for all 3 games.

But my advice to anyone selling/buying use gumtree. It's free.
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