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Originally Posted by European Bob View Post
What part of "I was only going to go to 2 games anyway" can you not get your head around? If all 3 games had been Wembley games, I still wouldn't have gone to all 3. Not that I owe you an explanation, but you've made a point of it so: we will have our first baby just a few months before the 2016 games start. While I can probably get away with leaving Mrs EB alone all day for one Sunday, maybe two, there's no way I'm disappearing off for 3 Sundays out of 5, especially two weekends back to back. Hope this meets with your approval.
I wouldn't buy those tickets too soon EB. Trust me, that first baby is an absolute social situation killer; you'll be lucky if you know what day it is let alone making 2 Sundays out and about.
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