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Originally Posted by colonelp View Post
No worries at all, glad it helped a little. I've been round and round on this one. Ultimately I want a classy and high character team, from a city I would like to visit/live, who are known for playing tough football, with a good locker room chemistry (no egos)....To cut a long story shory, my final 3 choices are:


I have reasons for each so I'm just waiting until I gravitate to one more than the others. I dont think it will be long now the season is upon us.
Same here after watching all of last season, I have still not picked a team yet but lost interest in some teams straight away.

I am after that well run franchise from top to bottom, with quality fans and a city I would love to visit.

After going through teams history's (by downloading them) news reports nfl network, fans forums, youtube- you always find something not to like about a team lol. Lets me list a few things that put me off teams straight away.

Prob about to offend well over half the forum here but ah so what here goes -

This is just my view, not wanting to get anyones back up.

Saints - Obvious dirty play, going out to really hurt people is not on.

Eagles - Jail judge and court needed to be put in veterans stadium.

Snowballs at 49rs fans on youtube not just a few - a whole stand section. Ok its a laugh but not sure how old they were, shouldn't be treated to that just for wearing your teams jersey!

Booing Irvin when he was down and in pain with what looked a real serious injury. then there the baseball and battery throwing but you have enough already.

Browns - Bottles thrown at ref ( shows lack of class ) even though it was a really bad bad call that he cant even make as a ref.

Jags/Dolphins/Bengals/Bucs/Cardinals/Rams/Falcons- when you often see large chunks of empty seats, it just spoils the atmosphere and makes you look like your fans are pants.

Patriots - Cheats!

Lions,Panthers, Chargers, Falcons, - fairweather fans, sell out now but looking back when times were hard they were not many to be found.

Colts - Where were they before manning showed up- then they doubled in size.

Titans - Stomping on Steelers towel real lack of class, think myron cope had only died a few years before- prob did not know how it all started but not knowing your history is no excuse for showing your franchise up in my eyes.

Cowboys - Harsh but- most people hate jerry jones even cowboys fans, and some of their hall of fame players and others had a real attitude problem. + come out of nowhere i guess looking at early attendances.
Looks like jerry jones has his own thing going on- draft war room clips over years having calls on what players he wants in over the head coach.

Redskins - Never seen so many tickets for sale on ticketmaster exchange- they may sell out but get taken over by other teams support loads of times, dut to fans not turning up or looking for a quick buck and selling.

49rs + Raiders- feel a bit harsh on raders and 49rs here as both I think have great fan bases. Raiders have a bad reputation. But lots of fans and news reports have said they are a friendly bunch. But sorry the fights I saw on tv and gang related stuff going on between the two. fights breaking out and people getting shot - you are straight off my list. Not going to put myself in that situation - I know it was a mindless few but would I risk it -no chance.

Ravens - criminals + stole Clevelands team + art model is hated in parts - just seen he is in hospital now also in Baltimore

Left with these who I havent got any real feeling towards after watching them, cant get into their games that much- but have great loyal fans and good run franchise.


Teams I like to watch but have favourites above them -


The teams I have watched the most, love the history of them, really well run franchise - fans are pure die hard in my view. Would be proud to wear their jersey. See their fans at road games in strong numbers- Will no doubt pick one of these as my team this year.


Steelers - just a few things here (Ward drink driving - Ben those charges which he settled on instead of clearing his name)


Any info people would like to add would really help also, thanks- bit of a long one I know sorry about that.

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