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I can see where you're going with this. The problem I found is that if you set your expectations too high then every team will disappoint you, and i'm only saying that because I'm analysing the teams like you have. I think it has to come down to having a feeling for a certain team. Just to be Devils Advocate you might look at the Bears and question their character with the events surrounding Sam Hurd and now they have taken a risk on Marshall. Well the Steelers also have their controversy in Roethlisberger or Harrison...but all being said and done they are two great franchises that compare favourably to anyone. As for the Packers, well I can't think of anything negative apart from their name (clutching at straws here). I guess my point is, dont look too hard as you will always find a reason not to like someone, just wait until you get that feeling. Well that's what im waiting for
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