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Default Anyone Thinking of Heading Over?

Now the schedule has been released, has anyone pencilled in any potential trips?

I'm hoping to go back for a trip and I've got 2 potential ones to think about:

Trip 1- Week 5 at Miami, Week 6 v Packers
Trip 2- Week 12 v Jets, Week 13 v Steelers (Thanksgiving)

Two potentially great trips- Trip 1 gives me some sunshine and my first Ravens road game, whereas trip 2 gives me The Steelers, and Thanksgiving. I was over at Thanksgiving in 2011 and it was awesome, getting invited to a family dinner before the 49ers game by the group I was tailgating with the prior Sunday! The big problem is in Trip 2 there's not as much scope for seeing other cities as I've been to NYC and Washington.
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