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Originally Posted by mikeyshaps View Post
It was. Genuinely could not have been made more welcome. The man's a legend, and look forward to seeing him, Ricky and co next season!

It's looking more likely that At Miami/Baltimore v Green Bay is going to be my trip as my mate wants to go Miami (well somewhere with some sun!). Last time I travelled on my own and it was good, but kinda want a mate to come along with me this time! Even if travelling alone had it's benefits when I met some girls in Mother's Bar in Fed Hill after Bengals game haha!
Yeah same here. They were brilliant towards us and greeted us like old friends. Going to bring a few things over to say thanks for last time. Turned up empty handed last time

Got a few great photos after we were all painted up with the war paint. Tim spoke about you but didn't realise you posted on here, small world. Even smaller group of Ravens in the UK.

One thing we didn't really do was go out at night in Bal for a proper night out. Would have been pretty good but the mrs wasn't well so was just happy that she went to the Baseball and football.
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