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Originally Posted by Liverpool Raven View Post
Am thinking of going over this year messed it up the last time i tried

Will proberly go on my own as most of my friends are away or skint for a trip to the states

you got any tips for doing it on your own
For flights it's worth giving Trailfinders a call, especially if you're looking to see other cities as they will be able to get you a good deal if you fly in one airport and out another. If you're not on the ravens24x7 forum, it's worth getting on it, as that's how I got in touch with some locals who invited me to tailgate with them at both games. They are also all great for recommending places to stay, places to visit etc.

Hotel wise, there's plenty to choose from around the harbour, although not that cheap. I stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites one block off the harbour. Was very nice but about £70 a night which is a fair amount, however I treated myself as was in hostels in NY and DC! You'll probably be able to find somewhere cheaper.

I know travelling alone can be daunting, but I can't imagine anywhere in the world more suited to it as the people are so friendly. The bar culture also lends itself to people on their own as you can sit at any bar and strike up conversation with anyone. In NY I practically became a local in one place after 3 days! Sit at the bar on your own in a pub over here if you're not a local and you get funny looks!

What game/s you thinking of going over for?
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