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Originally Posted by HolyRoller10 View Post
Oh, they aren't even that. There are more than 10 NFL champs with better seasons regardless of losing a few games. '84 Niners (18-1)...those Cowboys teams of the 90's...the Raiders of the 70's...the late 90's Broncos teams...who were 7-2 against their .500+ opponents....that's right, the 1998 Broncos played 9 teams with winning records...or the Redskins under Gibbs. The 1991 Redskins were 8-2 against teams with winning records....they played 10 games against +.500 clubs.

Over 14 regular season games, Dolphins beat two with winning records...and they then beat 3 in the playoffs to win the Super Bowl. The combined record of their regular-season foes was 51-86-3 (.367) - the lowest ever of any Super Bowl champion (by far).

The second-place team in the AFC East (the New York Jets) finished 7-7 in 1972. The Dolphins going through their division was a cakewalk (back then you played 8 division games in only a 14 game season - so over half the Dolphins games were against their pathetic sub .500 division rivals.)

Compare the 1989 Niners (14-2) in the NFC West that year...(Rams 11-5), Saints (9-7).

The 1998 Broncos (14-2) opponents record was .535 - the highest ever of any Super Bowl champion (so two extra games during the regular season...far better opponents and the Broncos only lost two games - both of which were to two of the nine teams they played with winning records.)
So the real reason why someone won't probably go undefeated because...the scheduling mathmatically might not allow that probability. The NFL only plays 6 division you can't count on those extra two games if you were lucky enough to have a division full of weaklings. There's a reason the Dolphins have such a low opponets winning's off the charts low...and out of the norm for most every other Super Bowl Champ...where it's consistently .430 - .540...and specfically...averages out to about .470.

Two extra regular season games, too few repeats against division opponents who could be gimmies that year...and the new rules with the passing game.

(Apologies if repeating anything, didn't read the OP link)

(and yes, I just quoted myself...but didn't mean it. Edit not new...)
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