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Originally Posted by deanomasters View Post
Evening all, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the merchandise selection will be/was at the game last month? When I was at the IS game in 2011 they had a few different players jerseys and stuff for the two teams playing, and one players jersey per team for the other 30 teams. Is this the same this year or will I have a good choice as I support a team that isn't playing?


The Freeman Buccaneers Jerseys and the Richardson Browns Jerseys were flying off the shelves in September! #Doh

1 jersey per team. Don't understand why they bottle neck the potential to sell jerseys. I've been to a game every year and its Romo blue, Romo blue, Romo blue every year, especially frustrating as the Cowboys mostly play in white......

Had the money to buy a new jersey every year and haven't parted with it yet. Its a shame. Yeah sure there has to be a limit blah blah blah, its the NFL we're talking about, I'd expect them to push the boundaries.
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