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Dont know what has happened to my original posts, they seem to have been deleted.

Anyway I been in contact with The Faktory (old PJ champs). They confirmed they will be having a Super Bowl party as usual.

This is the response I had when I asked some questions regarding the event.

"Faktory will be showing the Super Bowl in full with commentary throughout the venue. Extra screens will be provided on the night and want to make this a really great event.

There will be no blues jam or any other events on that night. Strictly Super Bowl based. The Blues Jam night wont be on that night it, will be very much catered around the Super Bowl.

We will be open until the game is finished and commentary will be on throughout. At Faktory we have a a good 30/40 in the bar most Sundays for the NFL games.

People will be able to book:

Booths for 6 people
Tables for 4 people
Couches for either 3 / 6 / 12 people

Private area for 30 people
Private area for 60 people.

Also considering a selection of American beer
- Great selection of American food // Chilli Dogs + Tacos etc.
- Cheerleaders ( my friend is head dancer at Glasgow Rockets ) "

I will remain in contact with the manager to get any more ideas across etc.
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