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Originally Posted by paydirtdj View Post
ITV did bring NFL to the small screen. It featured the Superbowl during World of Sports and the first game I saw featured the undefeated Dolphins and focused on Larry Csonka, so that would date it into the early 70's.

As for the British game I used to visit the Greenwich Rams who originally played at Blackheath Rugby club and were supported by the LA Rams who helped with kit etc. I remember the USFL game at Wembley which was very poorly attended as I recall, certainly when compared to the Bears/Cowboys game.

In later years I attended all of the Monarchs games at Wembley and still have all the programmes together with a few sets of the player cards given out at the World bowl as well as the strange bandana that was handed out, The atmosphere at WB1 was still one of the best I have experienced at any event.
The original editor of Touchdown magazine, Ken Thomas, use to do the commentating in the 70's for that slot on ITV's World of Sport. I don't know if Ken's still around his magazine in the 80's was great.
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