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Originally Posted by White9 View Post
News just in. McCown is set to start as QB over Manziel.


I personally would much rather have looked to develop Manziel this season.
I think it's the right decision, I agree about Johnny and I'm fully on board and I think given how far he has come in such a short time that about 8 games will be more than enough, he has already done more than enough to keep him next year

I just think it makes more sense, if he has a setback on the field which will more than likely happen this year then it's going to be very hard to bench him and then bring him back in, it's far better to let Josh play out the next 4 games, if we win them and we have a genuine shot at playoffs then you stick as you are, if we lose 3 or 4 of them then you stick Johnny in a no lose situation, if he provides a spark then you have something special, if he doesn't but still has games where he plays well then we have something to build on etc etc
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