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Originally Posted by leebladedawg View Post
I totally get the clamour for Johnny to start and if we had gone with him I would have no issue

Where I do disagree with Browns fans who want Johnny to play the whole season just to have a look at what we have is it appears to be tanking the season and do we really need a whole year to evaluate him and also as well will playing only 10 games instead of 16 for example really be that big a difference

I'm not knocking any fan for wanting JF but I can't get my head around this notion that it appears we are saying we aren't sure so let's see and if we lose 14 games then so be it etc

I'm no QB expert and certainly no more an expert than any other fan but for me I want to see can he play well and can he do the basics like every top 16 to 20 QB in the league who are either very good/elite or they are capable game managers etc

Now I'm of the opinion that JF has shown in last 7 quarters that he is capable of this and capable of improving but I honestly don't think that even with a full season he would be any better than what a Bridgewater or a Bortkes or Carr are presently etc so for me I say let's see how far we get and then if Josh crashes as expected then let's hand the keys to Johnny
I agree Manziel needs polish, but there is no greater teacher than experience.
Yes we could evaluate in 10 games... But that a still only 10 games experience. Why are the likes of Mariota and Wonston not watching from the sideline. The teams have got support that learning curve.

By running McCown what are we actually achieving other than depriving a potential starter of experience. Why delay the start of that learning curve? Johnny seems to have got through the worst side of his personal life following rehab. Now comes the time that needs to be taken to enhance his professional career.

But let me phrase it this way.

Starting Josh, what is the best possible outcome, for the season and the franchise.

Then ask yourself the same for Johnny, Best outcome for the season and franchise.
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