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Originally Posted by bluelionman View Post
Thought this was an interesting read (written by a Brit) so thought I'd share it about:
As I've said before, St Louis cannot play the victim here - it was more than happy to take both the Rams and the Cardinals from two other cities so it is rich to go crying when someone else does the same. The Rams were in LA for 50 years and that is where most of their history is. Yes this is about money but it's also about taking the Rams back to what most would consider their true home (note I did not say city of birth). Think of it as a 20-year loan agreement.

I feel far more sorry for the Browns fans in 1995, or the Oilers fans in 1997. Those were their own teams, founded in those cities, not teams they had taken from Los Angeles 20 years prior after a stadium dispute. Both those towns then made their own teams after their losses (Browns were a new team that kept their old history; the people of Houston didn't even get that). Maybe St Louis should lobby to make its own team too, although doing that in a league of 32 may not be easy at all.
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