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Lissemore's a 4-3 DT/NT who is being used as a 1 gap NT in our 3/4. He's totally out of place and looks mediocre as a result. He really should be playing DE, and shuffling over to NT when we go to Nickel.

I don't know whether it's a case of not having the players, or whether the staff are totally delusional about the effectiveness of this scheme. What's worrying is it started with the arrival of Telesco, and while he was in Indi that team also had a reputation for a defence which was consistently bullied at the L.O.S and horrendous v's the run. I think they just don't 'get it' because they've had 3 full off-seasons to do something about it already.

Ingram plays Strong side OLB mostly although he does move around a bit. Before the season just gone he'd frequently line up at ILB and blitz, and he also played with his hand on the ground as a 4/3 DE in Nickel. It was mostly stand-up OLB the season past.

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