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Originally Posted by Alex_C21 View Post
Has anyone ever bought tickets from a tout? We are considering it but just a bit worried prices and whether the tickets we buy are guaranteed to be real - would anyone be able to give any advice on this?

Prices on resale websites do seem to be coming down, but then there are also plenty of horror stories of people getting scammed from such websites - has anyone had any experience buying tickets from resale websites?

Cheers for the info Tone, the Fins Fans event @ Watkins Folly sounds good!
I think we will try to get tickets because i'd hate to miss it, just need to consider the best options. Cheers for the advice.
I guess it depends what you mean by 'tout'. Have I bought tickets from a secondary ticket website at over face value? Yes. Have I bought tickets from some grubby shyster in or around a stadium? No way! These people just have a way about them that makes you feel like you're being ripped off. And when I say ripped off, I don't mean paying over face value, I mean paying more than what the market will actually bear at that given time. At least when you go online you get the sense it's an actual market, not just some dodgy geezer trying to mug you in broad daylight.
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