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Thought I would add to this thread as I am going to Lions @ Cowboys on 30 September and also going Texas AM game at AT&t the night before.

Without a car a taxi seems to be a good option but could be a long wait in the cue outside after the game with peak rates could well cost anywhere from $50 dollars one way so with tip could easy set you back $120+ roundtrip to Fort Worth. Would email your hotel and ask them for suggestions for getting to the game see what they have to say.

I am staying at the Marriott Courtyard its only 0.5 miles from stadium so hopefully will be able to walk to the stadium will check with hotel closer to the date.

Can I ask what you paid for tickets ? As I have yet to buy I get its the Cowboys so pricing will be high but at present decent low level sideline Lions Bench tickets are more than the cost of the flight - to compound it the Texas AM tickets are actually more expensive than Cowboys Lions tickets.

Planning on waiting a little longer to buy see if prices become a little more reasonable cause £500+ seems a little too steep!!! There are plenty of upper level tickets at decent prices and end zones not too bad so may just end up with end zone tickets for Cowboys game. Texas AM game the cheapest ticket right now if $160 and thats nose bleeds so will hang fire on that one hopefully they will drop rapidly closer to game day.
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