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Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
Have you watched any of Walker Little (Stanford)? He seems to be a name on most 2020 'way too early' mock drafts. I've only watched a little bit of him but I wasn't exactly wowed considering the 'top 10' early hype.

Agree on Trey Adams. Didn't like what I saw, he didn't seem to be very fleet of foot shall we say, and his height works against him at times.
Not yet - I'll move him to the top of the list and have a look tonight. I'm not always a huge fan of Stanford O-Lineman, find they seem to be on the ground a bunch. Nate Herbig the guard who declared early, I had his "OTG" count in my notes into double figures for all his games I watched - don't believe he was drafted.

I wasn't sure how healthy Adams was when I saw him at the end of last season. I hope he was like 50% or something, because if that's who he is now, he's not a top prospect. Bad injuries can change prospects unfortunately.
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