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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
ok in 2016 he launches his #Brexit justice add sets up a crowd fund hoping to raise £100k to in his words
prosecute vote leave
fund legal challenge to Brexit

he then burns through all the original donations on lawyers and other expenses but by 2018 he deletes all his Brexit stuff rebrands his campaign as been all about mis-conduct in public office and he needs another more donations claiming his lawyers say they now have "a very strong case" but also since he in dedicating so much time(even though he aint a lawyer) to the legal fight he starts asking for nearly £25k a year in a salary and by all accounts has a nice flat in canary wharf which the donations are paying for.

when this went to the district court he lied about this been political motivated even though it started out as all been about Brexit and even the high court judge said even without this case never having been prosecuted before even though he claimed to all his supporters they had a strong case the judge said it was legally un-sound she would have kicked the case over his history which is listed in the full rulings and she described the whole case as vexatiuos.

Marcus J Ball might have to get a real job now.

Personally I've no problem with Mr Ball drawing a small salary from the crowdfunding revenue in order to prosecute his case. I imagine it probably was a full time job. It would have cost considerably more to employ a solicitor. To be fair to him, go look at the crowdfunding page where he is pretty transparent about where the money is going. also has a breakdown of spending published as a PDF for anyone to download? I've just done it.

As for his motivation, weren't the Nuremberg Trials politically motivated? So what? I'm not a lawyer but it seems to me that the merits of the case are what counts, not why it was before the court in the first place or who brought it to be honest? This case was dismissed primarily because it was decided that Boris was acting as Boris the individual and not Boris the MP. A quote from

"It finds that District Judge Margot Coleman erred in finding that Johnson was a public office holder 'acting as such' when he made claims about the UK's contribution to the EU budget during the Brexit campaign. Case law demonstrated that to be guilty of misconduct 'the individual must be acting as, not simply whilst, a public official', the judgment states."

I wonder how many people listening and voting off the back of Boris's comments about how much money the NHS was going to get made this distinction?

So, yes Mr Ball was judged "vexatious". Vexatious litigation is legal action which is brought solely to harass or subdue an adversary. So? Did Boris lie or not?

When all is said and done we're getting away from the point somewhat. It's been proven that the original claim, that the NHS would get 350 million pounds a week in funding when we left the EU, was utter poppycock. No one now expects that funding on the NHS will change one bit. It that respect the statement was untrue. We never had 350 million spare in the first place, the ONS have confirmed that so that was also untrue. Worse though is that no one is now talking about any Brexit Dividend at all. For anything. Now the talk is of crashing out with No Deal, of waving good bye to car manufacturing, of setting money aside to bail our farmers and the fishing industry, of a short term financial and operational meltdown followed by 30 to 50 years of pain. And that's from the flipping people advocating it!?!?

But, somehow and for some reason, it'll be worth it.

For me though, the strangest thing about the whole episode is how Boris, an Eton and Oxford educated, Bullingdon Club pig shagger and self confessed Toff is somehow juxtaposed as the champion of the common man? If it was anyone else in the dock, getting off on a legal technicality, and a slightly spurious one at that, wouldn't we be shouting privileged elite at him? I imagine the press would be full of allegations of how, once again, the guy with all the connections walks free? How and why is Mr Ball painted as the Baddie here?

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