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Originally Posted by iffies View Post
Well that's Labour's position on Brexit cleared up...not. How can you say that you will campaign for Remain in a second referendum but refuse to say what you will do if you win a general election?

tbf it does seem to be a clean position even if its not an appealing one.

he is anti EU and its not a secret but his position is wanting his brexit not a Tory one (not that i think either of them would be any good) as he feels it would be more damaging.

at least the position now seems to be based in reality, wanting a second vote and backing remain, in the face of no deal or a Tory deal.

i find it hard to believe the new leader (despite the problems) will call a GE before brexit is decided (which is the right way around as long as there is a second vote) as it would be too risky, hell they might just play out the whole term.
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