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Originally Posted by Two-minute drill View Post
jeffrey epstein.


laura silsby.


connect the dots.

and still venezuela and iran and cuba are the bad guys ffs.
neo-capitalist NWO distraction.
by all accounts in the original investigation Epstein passed on some big names as part of his plea agreement to the FBI headed at the time by Mueller but they never did anything with them so wonder if we get some light on who in DC at the FBI/DOJ helped cover up there crimes.

interesting trying to see why or when the SDNY opened this case with the miami herald and Mike Cernovich all spending the last few years suing to get the original trial documents released or was there another catalyst.

watching CNN today they seem to love reading out the quote from Trump in 2002 about praising Epstein well before all this broke but never report how after that he then "banned" Epstein from Mar-a-Lago over an incident with a friends young daughter.
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