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Originally Posted by goodkarma84 View Post
tbf it does seem to be a clean position even if its not an appealing one.

he is anti EU and its not a secret but his position is wanting his brexit not a Tory one (not that i think either of them would be any good) as he feels it would be more damaging.

at least the position now seems to be based in reality, wanting a second vote and backing remain, in the face of no deal or a Tory deal.

i find it hard to believe the new leader (despite the problems) will call a GE before brexit is decided (which is the right way around as long as there is a second vote) as it would be too risky, hell they might just play out the whole term.
yeah labours position is we are a party for Remain in opposition but if we somehow won a snap GE we would have campaigned on going back to the EU for talk about getting our Leave deal so would then be back in favour of full filling the out come of the 2016 referendum.

with Labour now going Remain it might actually help push PM Boris into thinking about a snap election as labour/lib dems/greens would all now be fighting over the same votes and the people who want to still Leave would fall into the conservatives hands as they would hoover up some of the Brexit party support on the promise of gotten out or getting out depending on the timing.
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