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Originally Posted by goodkarma84 View Post
well i suppose we could just reward the worst teams with the best new players

relegation gives everything an extra edge, teams should move on and fight for cups some never feel that safe.

most systems work for there sport, there would be no way to bring in an NFL system to the Prem.

also the closed system kills off promotion, do we just randomly pick the 20 sides forever that get to stay in the top league?
is that out of the current 92 or do we do further down?
or just lock out those not in the Prem at that moment.
I would, personally. I don't know how easily I could name the 20 clubs, but there is a fairly clear pecking order of 'size' of clubs. Which does not align to who is in the Premier League right now. Or maybe take certain big clubs out and into a European league.

National leagues were largely broken, a product of the 20th century unable to cope with football in the 21st century. I still feel that way. It is worst in the smaller leagues, with the result that you have teams who dominate domestically, but the small stature of their leagues mean they are not capable of competing in European competition - they're too small for Europe, too big for their domestic league. Celtic is a good example. Structurally a huge club. You see it with the fanbase, the stadium. But they are stuffed in the 21st century because they play in Scotland. Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Serbia... all the same thing.

If I were a big club in the smaller leagues I'd want to get out and into a European league of some sort, because the gap between the smaller national leagues and the richer ones is only going one way. Meanwhile, I dare say that apart from the bumper payday of gate receipts twice a year the rest of the leagues might be happy to get shot of those teams and actually have a chance to compete.

The thing is though that football won't reform itself unless it makes the biggest clubs more money. The big clubs in the big leagues like the current system where they dominate, they don't want to be like the New York Giants, 1-7 in a league where New York is where the money is.
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