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Originally Posted by boknows34 View Post
How would a true European league work? Could there be a breakaway of the top 20 teams with no relegation? How many teams from each country would receive an "invite"?
I'd say it would be more like the NFL, bigger than 20 teams, with geographic subdivisions. For example, Spanish and Portuguese teams in one division, something like that. I quite like the idea that young players couldn't be kept in academies and had to play for teams in domestic leagues until age 20 or something and then there would be a draft system, maybe with pre-determined compensation to the teams that lose the players depending on where they are picked. This could actually be a real winner for smaller clubs domestically too, as the big clubs would not be allowed to just keep the talent in their youth and reserve squads, basically playing games behind closed doors. Instead smaller clubs would have the stars of the future to attract fans in. I would also ban loaning of players and ensure there are fixed squad sizes too (outright, not just within a competition but you can have others on the books) to stop bigger teams hoarding players they don't use but who would get into other teams' first XI.
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