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Originally Posted by HSTDriver View Post
An unsurprising move. Bilic largely a victim of the board. Moyes certainly won’t do any better, I feel.

The way West Ham are being run, Bilic is probably better off out of it.
The stadium seems to be at the heart of everything, no? I get the sense this isn't just new home teething problems like Spurs at Wembley but something deeper-seated. I wonder if this is going to be London's answer to the Stadio delle Alpi, Turin's flagship stadium from Italia '90 that ended up shutting just 16 years later and being demolished by 2009. From Wikipedia:

The delle Alpi's design was widely criticised due to the poor visibility. This was caused mainly by the distance between the stands and the pitch. Views from the lower tier were also restricted due to the positioning of advertising hoardings.
Sound familiar?
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