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Originally Posted by goodkarma84 View Post
so thats it the rest are locked out, does this full breakaway somehow snatch all the European places too? or is there a split?

in a open system teams place where they deserve and can make it big. in a closed system a team could just be bad forever.
there would be no draft system to even pep them up.

so to the other 72 + non-league sides, they just get to be told they dont matter?

for me it would be cutting out the heart of the game.

with a big European super league and the risk that comes from losing the current league and CL funds, then given its going to be a closed system, who gets in and left out in the cold. there are teams that havent done that well for a while but have the big name, like Milan.
does this league have some sort of cap system? it would have to be huge to stop others coming up on the rails.

while the likes of Celtic might like the idea of a break away league between those that lack depth. even the ins and outs of that league could be weird with whose in it and if they are willing to give up the Champions League.

there are those trying to push the MLS into a open system. it will likely never happen as turkeys dont tend to vote for xmas.

only so many teams can win, we have a poor GM and a bad HC, with a roster that has issues. things run on cycles and we have a more recent SB win than most sides
I would split it out. Top teams play in European leagues. These are closed off. In reality they're mostly closed off already.

Everyone else plays domestically. Make the current Europa league for these teams.

Just treat it like college football - different leagues. I would play Euro league games one day of the weekend and domestic ones the other, so that people can watch both. Another lesson from America. Look at how college football has flourished. It's not a question of "they don't matter". If you want to play that card, do you think Grimsby Town or Mansfield 'matter' in the grand scheme of things now? Or in 5 years' time, 50 years' time. In fact, rejigging things may make them matter more. The current system was designed in an era when football was very different to what we have nowadays. It worked in 1900, but not in 2017.

If football carries on like it is, things will only get more uneven. It is no coincidence that while we used to get teams like Red Star, Marseille, Ajax or Porto winning the European Cup or Champions League, even as recently as the 90s and early 2000s, that is now already unthinkable. Do you know how many Champions League finalists we've had from outside the big 4 leagues since the 2003 Porto win by an up-and-coming Mourinho? Zero. A total monopoly by Spain, Italy, England and Germany. The only team that is going to break that is probably PSG. Who were bought out by billionaires who are throwing their money around.
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