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Originally Posted by RichardCunliffe View Post
A few fireworks from Dez and Patmon it seems. Nothing much in it for me, Dez fighting guys is becoming a headline to wheel out at this time of year. I get players get 'emotional', but it's almost like boxers bad mouthing each other in the run up to a fight, then shaking hands and saying how much respect they have for them after the fight. If that was true you wouldn't throw words/punches around.

Of more interest (in some ways) is the apparent dominance of Tyron Smith. It's early doors, but it seems he's got the potential to be dominant this year. He's probably just behind Jason Peters and Joe Thomas as an elite LT in this league, but perhaps this is the year he changes that.

Waiting on some news about how Sean Lee has looked at this early stage too.
You have lost me here pal, regarding Smith, i thought he was dominant? pro bowler and all ?
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