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You need a new HC, who then needs to sort out of the long term future for you at QB. So pretty much the 2 biggest decisions you can make in the NFL really.

Your division rivals either seem to be set on an upward trend (the Rams & 49ers) or at least have their Franchise QB in place (the Seahawks).

On offence your Runningbacks seem set..........but beyond that it's certainly time for a major overhaul. You have to hope Larry returns otherwise it's more or less a total reset at WR (if it wasn't already). Can you get Veldheer and Iupati back to their best? Can D.J Humphries stay healthy? If those 3 can be salvaged then the O line is serviceable, if not.........

The defence is still where your strength lies. You seem solid enough in the trenches imo, on paper at least. Did Chandler Jones lead the league in sacks? Your secondary seems set for the foreseeable future with Peterson, Mathieu and Baker back there. Haasan Reddick is developing too. Maybe you need another linebacker but it certainly doesn't look like you need to be too concerned on that side of the ball.

Basically if you hit on your offensive additions this off season and next then you should remain competitive in what looks to be a very tough division moving forwards. If you miss on those additions (and your HC appointment).....then yes, it could get quite bleak, quite quickly.
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