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How much will he bring in a trade? Unless a starter goes down on a team that can potentially challenge we aren't really getting anything of value in exchange. In a dream situation, Teddy starts 5/6 games, plays well, and we trade him for the second we gave up then Darnold finishes up the season and takes his rookie lumps.

That trade scenario is not a realistic outcome though. It's clear at this point that either Darnold or Bridgewater are likely to be credible day 1 starters and one or the other should start over McCown. I'm fairly easy with either in truth. However Teddy won't be here next year no matter how well he plays. Sam is the future - if is deemed ready he plays even if Teddy is the better player at this stage. The OL is the elephant in the room as previously noted though and I think that is the only way Teddy gets to go at this point.

Keeping him around as a backup might prove too much temptation when Sam hits a rocky patch. McCown is the backup guy and the ideal one really - no controversy with him. Teddy could be an unwanted distraction, at least as far as the media is concerned. It's a tough call, but one we should be ecstatic about in terms of the big picture.
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