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sorry, seeing as theres no college section and this is just a simple question, how do college teams determine their schedules?

There are 119 college teams who play at the highest level, Division I. Since it is impossible to play every team, they arrange themselves into regional leagues called "conferences".

There are generally about 10 to 12 teams in a conference. College teams play about 12 games in a season so they also must play "out-of-conference" games.

It's up to the colleges to negotiate the scheduling of out-of-conference games. Schedules and dates are set years in advance. Many teams already know their 2012 schedule, for example.

6 major conferences in Division I usually produce a national champion; Big Ten, Big East, Pac 10 (Pacific 10), SEC (Southeastern Conference), ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference), and Big 12.

Some teams don't belong to any conference, they are called "Independents". The most famous Independent team is Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Two service academies, Navy and Army, are also independent. Independents must negotiate the schedule of every game they play.

Rivalries are intense in college football. Rivals play against each other once a year and fans look most forward to those rivalry games.

Hope that helps.

PS: College section is now called "NFL Draft"


Don't forget the immense might of the other div1a indepedant that is the powerhouse of Temple
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