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Default Dallas Cowboys Free Agency Thread.

Hey guys, just in case Free agency ever begins i thought we needed a thread.

So who does everyone want? Apart from Nmandi of course!

Personally i would pee my pants if Jerry managed to get him and Cullen Jenkins. I think Jenkins is the more likely option as the whole league is gonna want Nmandi. The trouble with Jenkins is im not sure that the Cowboys value that position enough to pay him what he wants.

My Targets if i were GM would be-

1-Nmandi Asomugha CB (obviously)
2-Cullen Jenkins DE
3-Eric Weddle S
4-Davin Joseph OG
5-Michael Huff S

If we got all them we would be right back in the mix for the NFC imo. I know it likely wont happen but i can dream, i'd be more than happy to get 1 of my top 3 though.
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