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Originally Posted by dairees View Post
Apologies for the topic being non-Cards related but i'm wondering if anyone in here lives near Phoenix and can offer some advice?

I'm thinking of heading over to catch some Cactus league games in late march and was wondering how feasible this is using public transport. I'd probably watch a few Cubs games in Mesa then travel elsewhere when the Cubs aren't playing there

You'll be SEVERELY restricted without your own transport in Phoenix.

There's a tram system ("light rail") linking Downtown Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, but you'll still be left over a mile away from the Baseball stadium the Cubs use.

Phoenix is nothing like a typical UK or European city - it's MUCH more spread out, and the public transport infrastructure is very limited and very patchy. Some of the more expensive places to stay will provide shuttle services to the airport, downtown and major shopping malls etc, but in reality that won't help all that much.
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