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I like Ramsey, I really do, but as I've already explained, I don't see him as having any meaningful impact on our Defensive unit. We had Weddle for years, but still the front seven got run all over buy scrubs and UDFA's and had trouble getting to the passer. All the best, actually no, all the merely good defences begin and end with the front seven. Safety is about the least 'difference making' position on the roster after Kicker, Punter, and arguably RB. Ramsey could be the next Deion and Ronnie Lott combined and he still makes no sense to pick at #3, especially after we let an All-Pro Safety walk simply because we felt disinclined to actually use the Franchise tag.

Our Secondary was actually quite passable last year, so I don't see any sense in adding to it while we have glaring deficiencies elsewhere. I can actually see Telesco taking Ramsey, in fact, I think it's quite likely, but it would be an unforgivably moronic pick given that he let Weddle walk away and seems completely oblivious to our 3 or 4 year long ineptitude on the DL.

IF, and big 'IF' we traded down and took him, or perhaps picked up a DL in the 2nd and/or 3rd, then I can understand it. However, for me the draft is more and more about 'bang for the buck' given that high pick rookies are now expected to come in and produce right away. There's far, far better value available at #3 than any Safety provides. It's not dissimilar to why both the Mathews and Gordon picks were so mindblowingly stupid. There's no logical argument for taking an RB that high unless he's a once in a generation talent like Tomlinson or Peterson, never mind trading up to do so. It's telling our franchise did it twice in the space of five drafts, so taking Ramsey would be right in keeping with that.

Ask yourself this :-

What would contribute most to this team right now? A marquee pass-rusher, run-stuffer, or OL, a solid starter at a similar position in the 2nd, perhaps a WR (someone like Coleman is bound to slip to our pick), and a 3rd round Safety


Ramsey, and a solid starter on OL/DL, and perhaps a 3rd round WR who will barely see the field?

There are very few ways I can see Telesco making a complete mess of this draft, such is the talent pool, but taking a Safety at #3 is one of them.

I tell you what though; remembering the Chargers team of 2004-2006, Ramsey is exactly what that team was missing. That's the time you take a Safety in the 1st round, i.e. when the team is totally stacked and you can afford to blow your first rounder on a guy who you never actually want to have to do anything on the field because if he does it means something bad happened!

I suppose another way I could make this point is to ask - Right now, name who you think is the best Safety in the NFL, and ask yourself, if you could only choose one player and the choice was between that Safety and JJ Watt, who would you take? Unless you've already got JJ Watt, you take him every single time.

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