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Originally Posted by Jetupandgo View Post
I've been paying, like most Jets fans I guess, a bit more notice to this year's likely QB draft class this season and thought I'd see what others felt. I've particularly liked the in-season tracker at TotJ and you can see their final regular college season ranking here -

I don't agree with the order of their top 4. For me it should be Rosen, Stidham, Darnold, Mayfield with the likely top 2 taken being Rosen and Darnold, assuming everyone comes out, which is far from a given.

I'd take Rosen in a heartbeat but I don't think he will make it down to us and I think his ceiling isn't as high as Darnold or Stidham which means I wouldn't give up the ransom required to get him personally.

Darnold is a very high ceiling type, but a big risk to be Sanchez 2.0. He could be a great but could also be Sanchez 2.0

Stidham is the most intriguing for me and he's showing a Wentz/Mahomes- like late season rocket up the draft charts. The only real knock I can see with him is the lack of experience but that is somewhat offset by the fact he has started and done well at both Baylor and Auburn in two vastly different systems. He's the QB I'd target at this stage. A few weeks ago I thought he might make it to day 2, but Auburn's success has probably ended that hope. He might very well be the best QB in the draft though and should be available at our pick.

Not sure about Mayfield at all. Has some great traits for sure but there are personality red flags that might put me off.

What do you guys think.
Christian Hackenburg out of Penn State.


Tbh I would be very happy with Stidham although that's only on reading a few articles.

I'd also be happy with a Bridgewater or Keenum and draft the best player available. O line is huge need whoever is our qb
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