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Originally Posted by lee harris 10 View Post
even Hunt now seems 100% committed to getting Brexit delivered somehow by end of October and then we can move on with actually mapping out the UK future.almost mind blowing to think this deal is just suppose to be the "short-term" agreement that should be replaced in the coming years.

as great as a GE would be it would be madness for the 2 main parties so would be entertaining to see what kind of coalition of chaos we might be left with but think you can have a say again in 2022'ish.
Yes, but that first sentence Lee? It will basically need the EU to do the precise opposite of what it has said it will do and open up negotiations. And then it'll need to install a load of people to negotiate with?

Yeah. Not gonna happen is it?

Boris and Jeremy are just playing to the gallery really. I cannot believe that they actually don't know just how difficult delivering on their promise might be? The only thing I can think of is that there is some kind of cobbled agreement already available? If not then it really doesn't matter who wins because either one of them will presumably then try to drive the bus over the cliff. I think (hope) at that point then there will be enough principled MP's in the house that put country ahead of party and vote the government down. I've heard anywhere between 2 and 50 when it comes to numbers.

A GE with the Tories trying to out mental the Brexit Party and Labour imploding might just let the Lib Dems and their Remain pledge in? Could happen.
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