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Default Re:Premiership Thread

[quote author=49ers Morgan link=board=23;threadid=35053;start=15#msg941212 date=1220378365]
[quote author=Michelob The Unmeltatable Flying Snowman link=board=23;threadid=35053;start=15#msg941077 date=1220368882]
Reports that Moyes is the favourite.

No chance of Moyes leaving us. For a start, why would he want to leave for a much smaller footballing club? Why would he (or anyone for that matter) want to manage that joke of a football club.

As someone said on a previous post, i also have become to despise Newcastle over the past few years so also find the whole situation very, very amusing, as the club with the most deluded fans in the world is crumbling again.

I pretty much already said in the very same post that there was no chance he would take it, so why are you asking me ???

I can see other clubs without multi billionaire investment becoming like Newcastle in years to come.

Keegan is now staying anyway.
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